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All Natural Dog Gift by Dog Fashion Spa

Dog gift with Dog Fashion Spa paw+nose moisturizer, essential calming oils for dog relaxation and a ..


Antibiotic-Free Vegan Eye Pads by Dog Fashion Spa

Antibiotic-free (no tylosin). Vegan. Essential part of daily dog hygiene. Watch product video her..


Best Selling Brush For Short Coat Dogs by Dog Fashion Spa

Incredible brush for dogs with short coats! Dog handlers' favorite for terrier breads, beagles, p..


Ear Relief Wash & Dry

Prevents Ear Odor, Scratching Without Stinging Alcohol. Ear Relief Wash & Dry provides fast reli..


Fennel Essential Oil Wash Sponge by Dog Fashion Spa

Discover a new way to clean dogs and their paws while adding bug repellent benefits of lavender and ..


Flea + Tick 3-piece Total Protection Kit

    Natural shampoo safely kills both flea eggs and live fleas on contact  ..


Hypoallergenic Shampoo 16oz Vets best .

Use with Advantage®*, With Aloe Vera, Dry to Normal Skin, Sensitive Skin. Hypoallergenic Shampoo for..


Jojoba+Fennel Essential Oil Gift Set by Dog Fashion Spa

Award-winning Dog Fashion Spa wash sponge with jojoba and essential oil of fennel, matching jojoba+f..


Lavender Essential Oil Gift Set by Dog Fashion Spa

Award-winning Dog Fashion Spa wash sponge with essential oil of lavender, matching lavender coat fre..


Male Dog Fragrance Maschio by Dog Fashion Spa

Watch product video here. Made for the “man of the house”, Maschio is an exciting dog fragrance t..


Nail Polish Remover by Dog Fashion Spa Jojoba+Fennel Essential Oil Wash Sponge by Dog Fashion Spa

The only non-toxic, soy-based, biodegradable nail polish remover for dogs on the market! Watch pr..


Natural Flea + Tick Spray (8 oz)

Goodbye to fleas and ticks! This potent blend stops them in their tiny tracks. With Peppermint Oil a..


Olive Wood Dematting Brush by Dog Fashion Spa

100% static-free olive wood hair brush for dogs. Great to use for dematting coats with Dog Fashio..


Quick Clean Waterless Dog Shampoo

Quick Clean leave-on foam shampoo for dogs eliminates the need to get your dog wet during a bath. Ge..


Vegan Dog Conditioner with Sunscreen by Dog Fashion Spa

Formulated without: paraben, synthetic dye, gmo. Watch product video here. Discover Dog Fashio..